BTS with LA photographer, Jeremy Gudac

We take you behind the scenes of our latest campaign shoot with LA photographer, Jeremy Gudac, and grill him on some of the best go-to places for your next trip to California.
TOS: (From our campaign shoot in January) City or beach…DTLA or Santa Monica. Which was your favourite location and why?
JD: I definitely enjoyed shooting at Santa Monica more than DTLA. With the beach, I'm able to shoot any direction and can use the natural light to really change things up. When shooting downtown, there may be a location that works well with the outfit, but we just don't have the correct light from buildings blocking the sun. There is a lot of "timing things right" when shooting DTLA. 
TOS: As you are based in Utah but work all over the States, where has been your favourite location to shoot in your career to date?
JD: My favourite location to shoot was Costa Rica. We had a private house on the beach and 4 days to shoot a swim collection. 
TOS: Tell us about your most memorable shoot or person you have worked with!
JD: My most memorable shoot would have to be with Scarlett Letihold. One hour before the shoot the location completely fell through. I had to scramble to find a new location and notify the team. It was hectic, but we were able to get it done. The shoot turned out great!
In LA, where is your go to:
Cafe: Dues Ex Machina
Day time activity: Finding new photo shoot locations
Bar: Morrison
Nightclub: I usually just hit the bar and go cull through photos. Not much of a party person
Check out Jeremy's work:

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