How To: Prepare for Winter

The sun has just about had its last days of substantial heat here in Australia and we're getting ready to layer up and slip on our ankle boots for Winter! Whether you love or hate the coldest season of the year, there are a few things we should all do to prepare for the colder months... so keep reading for our tips for hibernation prep!

 - we all know there's few better feelings then a hot shower on a cold winter day... but for the sake of your skin and hair we recommend warm water instead. For most people winter air dries out your skin and can cause redness and chapping so wash in luke warm water followed directly with a natural hydrating moisturiser (preferably oil-based as it has a higher chance of locking moisture into your skin) Same goes with your hair - try and use an oil-based shampoo followed by conditioner. A weekly treatment will do wonders if your hair is prone to breakage through winter and air-drying will prevent any extra damage a hair-dryer will bring. 
SWITCH UP YOUR SCENT - if you're still wearing that fresh and fruity scent trying to avoid the fact that the weather is quickly changing and you can no longer get away with people believing you've been frolicking in a daisy field - it's time to mix it up! Winter scents are always more fun to play around with because they're deeper and have stronger undertones. Cederwood and Amber always make fragrances smell delicious and wintery scents in general just always smell more romantic.
WARDROBE - this is the fun one... if you're an organisational queen this is your absolute dream! We recommend going through your entire wardrobe right before Winter starts and trying on all your winter clothes from last season and beyond. Whatever doesn't fit, faded in colour or is just one of those 'What was I thinking' purchases - chuck em! (hold a market stall and sell off your old treasure to someone who might reimagine it as they're own... and donate what you can!). Clear out as much space as possible by packing away all your strappy tops and shorts and store them away for when the heat returns (and you can get excited for when you can do the whole try on process again but with your summer seasons!) Now you have the physical and mental space to start shopping for some new styles to rock through winter! Here are some of our faves:
HEALTH & FITNESS - and this is the scariest! Alot of us are guilty of slipping deep into our hibernation bubble through winter and spending too much time under a fluffy blanket watching Netflix with a hot chocolate and tim tams... no, just me? I'm sure you've heard the quote 'Summer bodies are made in Winter' and if you have the determination you can be the example to the rule! Definitely don't deprive yourself of all the wonderful things that make Winter so great - just keep in moderation and try to move around as much as you can - this will not only build up your step count and motivate your metabolism but it will also keep you warm... Bonus! Also try and find the joy in winter cooking - there are some delicious recipes that will fill you with nutrients and warmth all at the same time. 
MAKEUP - another fun one is the colours and looks you can play around with on your face during winter. A deep red lip and black winged liner has such a different look when paired with a beanie and a thick scarf. Highlight is not just for a sun kissed glow during summer - it can be the holy-grail product in your makeup bag through winter as a frosty pigmented highlight can bring an ambient glow back to dull winter skin. You may need to switch to a lighter colour foundation but you can deepen up your look with smokey eyes and a powerful lip.

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