APRIL 18' / La Rocca

'Distance makes the heart grow fonder' - We're excited to introduce you to our April collection 'La Rocca'. Dreamy days thinking of an endless romance is what we dreamed up with this collection and can't wait to give you a look at these very special pieces.

For this shoot we wanted to bring out the beautiful calmness of an Italian Villa and bring you along with us through our Winter Romance. Our MAY collection 'La Rocca' is flooded with romantic details and beautiful shapes to create the perfect collection for those warm spring days when the sun is still brushing your skin, but with nightfall comes cooler and cozy temperatures.

We're always inspired by beautiful cities around the world when designing each collection and there's nothing more refreshing then a pop of colour as day turns to night - so we mixed in vibrant sienna and khaki with dark navy to replicate the colours of the Italian Coastline after dark.

From light frills in a soft blush to gold embroidery on black chiffon - this collection really has something for every girl. We'll take you seamlessly from morning to night as the seasons change and the weather becomes completely unpredictable here in Australia... we've got you covered.

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