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Wedding Guest Dresses | Wedding Party Dresses


Wedding Guest Dress Australia

Shop our online collection of designer wedding guest dresses without the huge price-tag, all designed in Australia and create a look in our blush pink dresses and floral dresses where the design aesthetic is effortless.

Our range of bridesmaid and wedding guest dresses are of superlative quality. Our team understands that you want to walk into this special occasion with as much style as possible and to make this happen, we’ve created a stylish yet sophisticated collection of bridesmaid and wedding guest dresses online.

We know you want to be the best dressed wedding guest this season and with the selection of wedding guest party dresses available online at Three of Something you will stand out in our exclusive designs. If you are looking for something formal for a black tie event, seeking something breezy for a wedding ceremony at the beach, or just looking for something casual for an easy going party event, you're to find your perfect wedding guest dress right here in Australia at Three of Something. 

How To Choose the Right Wedding Guest Dress ?

Choosing the right wedding guest dress is essential to ensure you look stylish and appropriate for the occasion. Here are some key points to consider when selecting your attire:

1. Dress Code: First and foremost, determine the dress code specified on the wedding invitation. Common dress codes include formal, semi-formal, cocktail, or casual. Adhering to the dress code shows respect for the couple's wishes and the formality of the event.

2. Time and Season: Consider the time and season of the wedding. Opt for lighter fabrics and brighter colors for daytime and summer weddings, while darker shades and richer textures work well for evening and winter affairs.

3. Length: The appropriate dress length depends on the formality of the event. For formal or black-tie weddings, choose a floor-length gown or a dress that falls just below the knee. For semi-formal or cocktail weddings, a knee-length or tea-length dress is a suitable choice.

4. Colors and Patterns: Avoid wearing white or off-white, as these shades are traditionally reserved for the bride. Instead, opt for a variety of colors and patterns that complement your complexion and personal style. However, be mindful of not overshadowing the bridal party.

5. Comfort: While looking stylish is important, ensure your dress allows you to move comfortably and enjoy the celebration. Consider the venue, weather, and any potential activities when selecting your outfit.

6. Accessories: Complete your ensemble with appropriate accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, and a clutch or small handbag. Avoid wearing anything too flashy or attention-grabbing that may distract from the couple's special day.

7. Cultural Considerations: If attending a wedding that incorporates specific cultural or religious traditions, familiarize yourself with any dress guidelines or customs to ensure you dress respectfully.

8. Personal Style: While it's important to adhere to the dress code and respect the couple's wishes, don't be afraid to showcase your personal style. Find a dress that makes you feel confident and expresses your unique taste.

Remember, being a wedding guest is about celebrating the couple's love and union. By choosing an appropriate and stylish dress, you can show your support while enjoying the joyous occasion.

Wedding guest dress online

When it comes to finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses or wedding party online, you need to ensure each item exudes glamour. At the Three of Something, we sell bridesmaid dresses that are effortlessly elegant. Looking for a Mother of the Bride Dress? We have an exclusive range of Midi and Maxi Dresses for the Mother of the Bride. Each one is perfect for delivering sophistication throughout the day. To ensure your bridesmaids have their whole look sorted, try adding some jewellery for the finishing touch. Your bridesmaids will enjoy every minute when they wear one of our dresses. In addition to looking stupendous, they feature comfortable materials that’ll allow the wearer to move with ease for longer.

Wedding guest dresses everyone will love

With some of the wedding guest dresses in Australia, we’re here to make sure every wedding guest looks and feel amazing. When you attend a wedding, you need to show off an understated formality that’s suitable for the occasion ahead. The collection at Three of Something celebrates a range of styles, allowing you to create the perfect outfit no matter what your usual tastes are.

To complete your outfit, why not try one of our stylish jackets? When teamed with one of our wedding guest dresses, our jackets are ideal for keeping evening chills away, allowing you to enjoy the celebrations late into the night.

Wedding floral party dresses online with plenty of styles

When you’re shopping for wedding guest dresses online in Australia, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from. From casual wedding guest dresses that are perfect for beach weddings through to gowns that are a little more formal, we have plenty for you to choose from with the best boho bridesmaids dresses in on-trend laces and floral to stand by your bestie on her big day.

We hope you love what you see at Three of Something. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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