Embracing Winter Elegance: What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Embracing Winter Elegance: What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings offer a unique and enchanting atmosphere, where the magic of love combines with the crispness of the season. As a guest, dressing appropriately for a winter wedding requires finding the perfect balance between style, comfort, and adherence to the occasion. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the intricacies of winter wedding attire, incorporating our brand ethos of unique, bohemian womenswear that seamlessly blends vintage and modern styling.  

1. You can get creative with your outfit at most weddings: Luxe fabrics, unique prints and silhouettes are a must.  The only rule you must abide by is DO NOT WEAR WHITE.  This also encompasses cream colours, off-white and white prints.

1. Dressing for a Winter Wedding as a Guest: When attending a winter wedding, you have the opportunity to showcase your fashion flair while keeping the chilly weather in mind. You don't want to ruin the occasion by being cold.

Opt for Long Sleeves: Choose dresses or outfits with long sleeves to stay warm and comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception. Look for intricate lace details or feminine bell sleeves to add a touch of bohemian charm.

Luxurious Fabrics and stunning prints: Embrace the season by opting for rich, luxurious fabrics like velvet, brocade, or wool blends. These textiles not only exude elegance but also provide warmth and texture to your ensemble.

Layers and Wraps: Consider layering your outfit with a stylish wrap, cape, or a tailored coat. This not only adds sophistication but also keeps you cozy during outdoor moments or while traveling to the venue.

2. Winter Wedding Attire for Cold Conditions: When attending a wedding in chilly weather, it's essential to strike a balance between fashion and comfort. Always take into consideration any instructions provided, for instance, if it is black tie or formal, or if more cusual attire is acceptable.  If you are given a colour option or theme, it is important to adhere to the Bride and Groom's wishes.

3. Attending an Australian Winter Wedding: Winter weddings in Australia offer a unique blend of beauty and mild temperatures. Consider these additional factors when dressing for an Australian winter wedding:

Lightweight Layers: Due to the milder climate, you can opt for lighter layers while still embracing the winter theme. Choose breathable fabrics like chiffon or silk blends, paired with a light cardigan or shawl.

Maxi-Length Dresses: Select dresses with an ankle-length or midi silhouette to cater to the moderate temperatures without compromising on style. Floral patterns or unique prints can add a touch of bohemian charm to your look.  Here are some ideas we love:- https://threeofsomething.com/collections/midi-and-maxi-dresses

4. Best Colors for a Winter Wedding as a Guest: While winter often evokes images of deep, rich colors, there is room to experiment with a range of hues. Consider these color suggestions for a winter wedding:


In Australia, we feel your colour options are endless.   A feminie colour palette is always popular, howerver, black or neutrals can also be a stunning choice.  Metalics and squins are also a fun idea to wear to a winter wedding.  Here are some ideas we love:- https://threeofsomething.com/collections/floral-dresses

Winter weddings provide an enchanting backdrop for celebration and romance. When selecting your attire as a guest, remember to embrace the essence of the season while choosing something you love and will wear again. By incorporating long sleeves, luxurious fabrics, chic layers, you can craft an outfit that exudes elegance, warmth, and individuality. Celebrate the magic of a winter wedding while staying true to your personal style, making lasting memories in a fashion-forward ensemble.