Last month I was lucky enough to jump on a plane and head over to Palm Springs to party with Beyonce at Coachella and while I was over there I couldn't help but take a detour over to NYC. If you've never visited before I highly recommend you add it to your Bucket List because it's without a doubt my favourite city in the world. The energy is electric and the buzz of Manhattan will leave you wanting more. Between banana pudding dates at Magnolia Bakery and strolling through central park I was able to capture some snaps of Three of Something soaking in everything this city has to offer. T x

The View from the top of the Rock - this was right after the snow storm and it was still pretty chilly as you can see from the steam pumping through the roof tops! I would also recommend heading up to level 102 of The Empire State building right before the sun starts to set... the view will take your breath away!

Even on a gloomy day Central Park never fails to deliver the goods - the rain naturally boosted the saturation of the leaves and flowers. There are pros and cons to visiting New York in each season. I've been lucky enough to see it in full bloom mid-spring and covered in snow in the dead of winter. Both are beautiful and both are well-worth 23 hour plane ride!

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