MARCH 18' / Desert Highway

"The ride of a lifetime!" - Our Autumn collection 'Desert Highway' is for endless road trips on dark desert highways with cool winds in your hair and stars in your eyes. Taking inspiration from a classic 70's soundtrack and a unique feminine spin on Americana, this collection is for the Thelma and Louise adventure you've always wanted. 


We're forever dreaming of long drives through Route 66 with the roof off and the wind in our hair - so we designed a collection perfect for the journey. Pair our new prints and styles with cut-off denim and scuffed up boots or take a drive down the Italian Coastline with soft lace detailing and dramatic statement sleeves... Desert Highway takes you around the world seamlessly from dust to sand and everywhere in between.


We decided to think outside the box for this shoot and flew across the world to the beautiful Italian Coastline to mix European flare with our Americana flow. The Californian desert speaks for itself through this collection, so as we gear up towards Australian winter where us Aussies tend to follow the sun and migrate towards a European summer, we wanted to give you inspiration for how this range can be adapted for your travels and encourage you to tap into your flight mode and see all the beautiful cities around the world without feeling like you have to compromise your style.

With the history and cultural vibrance of  Positano and the electric colours of Cinque Terre there's not much Italy doesn't have to offer. There's definitely a reason it has some of the most photographed coastlines in the world. We recommend hiring a car in Naples and driving down the coast towards Positano. If you get car sick you may want to sit up front with the windows down - this route is pretty curvy and narrow - but the views are well worth the drive!


Sarah Fountain

Positano, Italy

Three of Something

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