Spring Races / DIY Flower Crown

Spring Racing has finally arrived and we're loving putting our race day outfits together here at HQ! As much as we LOVE seeing everyones fashion on the field, our favourite part is pairing our dresses with a beautiful flower crown or headpiece, because what girl doesn't want an excuse to feel like a princess for the day? :) We decided this year to get creative and make our own gold flower crown - because we knew exactly what we wanted but just couldn't find it!

This is how we made ours:

1. Gather your tools. You'll need a simple solid headband, a few bunches of plastic flowers (don't worry too much about their colour, we're going to be spraying over them later), gold spray paint, a hot glue gun and some scissors

2. Cut your flowers into small bunches and arrange them around the headband where you'd like them to sit (tip: try and position them in an upwards position so they're in the direction on the headband and join in the middle)

3. Make sure your hot glue gun is nice and hot and start glueing each stem. (We had already sprayed our flowers with a light coat of paint before we started glueing them on, but you definitely don't have to do this) Our headband has a satin band so the glue was a little stubborn to stick down, so we used scissors to hold the stem in place and glued under, around and over the top of the stem so it was encased in hot glue over the headband. (This will look a little bulky but when you spray over it with gold paint it just looks like the point where metal gets soldered together and gives it a much more authentic look)

4. Fill in any gaps as you go with smaller flowers until you're happy with your band. Wait until the glue is dry (hot glue tends to dry pretty quick) and pop your flower crown on your head to see if you need to add any more flowers.

5. Once you're happy with your flower crown it's time for the fun part! Take that baby outside with your spray paint and watch as your flower headband transforms into a stunning golden crown. If you've got coloured flowers you may need to do a few coats to really cover them but if you have some colour in your dress that matches the colour in the flowers you can do just one coat of gold so a little bit of the original colour still pokes through - we did 2 coats to really give ours a golden glow.

6. Voila! You have yourself a one-of-a-kind golden flower crown that you'll get compliments on all day x 

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