Hothouse Flowers is inspired by nostalgic 90's elements... when Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell rules the runway and Nirvana and Sonic Youth were creating sounds we had never heard before. Now it's time for the daughters of the revolution to reinvent the spirit of grunge for the new ear. Just as relevant, just as revolutionary and every bit as rebellious.

Hothouse Flowers celebrates the everyday and the extraordinary with three exclusive prints reflecting the authenticity of the 90's with a feminine modern twist. Relaxed and Laissez-faire silhouettes mixed with fine but edgy details, provide a freedom to the spring collection. A delicate and soft colour palette on luxurious textured fabrics in soft, floaty and frilly silhouettes give this collection an ethereal but opulent feel.

Photographer: Sarah Fountain
Muse: Anna Clair @ Chadwick
Styling: Three of Something

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