VOYAGE ⇢ Resort 18/19'

We have waited for this... Holidays are upon us and there's an endless summer vibe in the air. Seasoned travellers chase the sun to far-flung exotic locations, to endless skies and the bluest seas. Pack your suitcase and succumb to the spirit of safari as you island hop from coast to coast...

Voyage will take you to locations where free spirited adventures exist in an endless summer state of freedom and creativity.

We have designed the ultimate suitcase-perfect pieces for holidays near and far. This range is inspired by travels and exotic off the beaten path, sun drenched locations. Featuring classic summer fabrications, pretty bohemian laces, cottons and sheers, juxtaposed against our exclusive whimsical ethnic inspired batik print. We've taken inspiration for Voyage from the beautiful blues in our backyard beaches of the Eastern Suburbs and wanted to design a range that will inspire you to live creatively and embrace the summer sun with versatile pieces that will seamlessly take you from a day at the beach to a night on the town and all the exciting places in between.

We were so inspired by this capsule collection and couldn't decide on one location to shoot our campaign, so instead we decided to take it around the world and shoot in all the beautiful places that inspired the design process. Our first shoot was on home soil (or home sand to be precise) in Maroubra Beach and Coogee beach, but we couldn't keep our feet on the ground for too long so we jumped on a plane and headed over to the beautiful Italian coast to drink wine, indulge in gelato and capture the stunning colours of the sea against the details and colours in our Voyage collection.

To read more about our Italian adventures... click here x
Are you ready to VOYAGE? 

Photographer: Sarah Fountain
Styling: Three of Something

Maroubra Beach
Muse: Chayde @ VIVIENS
Hair and Make up: Sanny Lavviravelrz

Coogee Beach
Muse: Shannon @ VIVIENS
Hair and Make up: Regina @ THP Haircutters

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